Are you Looking to Change up Your Career by Becoming an Insurance Agent?

Shaun Slaughter
Shaun Slaughter
Published on May 5, 2021

When you begin your career, you usually walk in with high hopes and perceive a bright future. However, sometimes things do not always work out the way that we plan. Maybe your area of study does not offer as many employment options as you had hoped, or perhaps you lose your job to an economic setback. Maybe you have been working at your career for a while but are already burned-out years before retirement. It may be time for you to consider a promising career move into the insurance industry.

Becoming an Insurance Agent is a promising career choice that offers many different routes, depending on where your interests lie. An Insurance Agent can focus on a specialized area of expertise, such as home insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, or even life insurance. Or, if they like more broadened options, they can focus their talents on selling all their agency offers.

An Insurance Agent must have their client’s well-being at the front of their mind throughout their career, learning what their policyholders need from their insurance. By caring about their customers, agents are motivated to keep up with insurance industry trends. Therefore, they continue to open up new doors for themselves along their new career path through their knowledge while on the job.

What are the Benefits of Being an Insurance Agent?

While there are countless jobs out there with potential, few careers offer the level of job security that the insurance industry does.

The Likelihood of Being Laid off is Very low

If you have ever been laid off, you know catastrophic repercussions can follow if you are unable to find another job quickly. Being an Insurance Agent is recession-proof. When the economy takes a dive, the insurance industry holds firm, keeping its agents working and supporting its customers safely and securely.

The insurance industry is deeply ingrained within our economy and is a cornerstone to the overall security surrounding us throughout life. Risks posed to our homes, cars, properties, and health will never go away, which means the need for insurance never will either. In fact, in 2015, insurance agencies contributed more money to US GDP than banks did for the first time in history.

It should also be noted that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of all current workers within the insurance industry are due for retirement by 2028. With so many insurance professionals nearing the end of their careers, the possibilities for growth are endless.

Guaranteed Earnings

Policyholders depend on their insurance agents and providers to help secure the most critical aspects of their lives. As stated above, insurance is a crucial part of our lives and a business that will not be going belly up any time soon. A career in insurance offers financial stability and the promise of growth throughout your years as an agent.

The continuation and expansion of different insurance fields provide the promise of promotion, pay raises, and commissions for the agents within them. When everyone needs some form – or multiple forms – of insurance, there is plenty of income to go around for Insurance Agents.

Helping People

A lesser-discussed bonus of working within the insurance industry is the rewarding feeling of helping people who depend on you during their crisis. If a policyholder was just in a car accident, or their home was broken into and vandalized, they will be calling you for support and reassurance while they file their insurance claim. As their agent, you will get to help them in their time of need and ensure that their policies protect all of their greatest assets.

This can be especially rewarding with senior citizens, who need someone they can trust to get their affairs for the latter part of their life. Taking pride in your work comes easy as an Insurance Agent.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about becoming an Insurance Agent, contact the experts at American Senior Benefits. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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